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Roasted red pepper and tomato soup over stuffing

The holidays have been hugely busy so I’ve been looking for shortcuts wherever I can. That’s how my Roasted Red Pepper an Tomato Soup Over Stuffing came about. Actually it’s not myrecipe, it’s my husband’s.

We were having the soup and he wanted to get rid of some Thanksgiving leftovers so he suggested putting some stuffing into the creamy soup instead of crackers. It was wonderful.

A few weeks later I had the same ingredients on hand so, because I love stuffing, I made stuffing and poured the soup over it.

No recipe with this one. If you can find it, Trader Joe’s makes a fantastic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup. Just pour over your favorite stuffing recipe for a quick and filling meal idea. Enjoy!


Steel cut oats at Panera

This morning I was worried about breakfast. I had run out of my steel cut oats on Sunday and the discount grocery store I went to didn’t sell them. That meant I wouldn’t be preparing it and storing it for the morning. During the week I just don’t have the time to make oatmeal soContinue Reading

A few years ago my husband bought me a juicer. It cost nearly $300 and was top of the line. We used it off and on but one day last year we watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Before the movie was over we were setting up the juicer to start a juiceContinue Reading

Biscoff Spread is the Bomb–and Vegan

Something wonderful happened to me at the Fresh and Easy grocery store the other day. A small red and white jar caught my eye and I wandered over to look at it and I swear I heard angels sing. THERE IS SUCH A THING IN THE WORLD AS BISCOFF SPREAD. I couldn’t believe my eyes.Continue Reading

Is honey vegan?

There is no other way to say it: I am unreasonably afraid of bees. Like super, psychotically, pee my pants, jump out of a moving car, afraid of them. And it is ENTIRELY their fault. Whenever there are bees around, they come at me with their zig-zaggetedly crooked way of flying taunting me, like, “MaybeContinue Reading

Vegetarian homemade granola bars

Here’s another one for the kids. Since really delving into a plant-based diet I’m really seeing my kids’ diets for what they are.  I mean I’ve eaten a vegetarian diet in some form for several years now. So my family has too. But sometimes that meant junk-food vegetarian meals. You know, meals that don’t haveContinue Reading

Quinoa black bean tacos

It’s a huge challenge to constantly find vegetarian meals that my entire family will be satisfied with. Sometimes the meals I create miss the mark something terrible. There are lots of “yucks” and “I’m not eating THAT!” And yeah, it’s disappointing to me. Other times, things just hit. This was one of those recipes. MyContinue Reading

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